My Passion Project: “Local Business Spotlight”

Lately I have been trying to come up with ways to grow my business while simultaneously looking for the right direction to move in. I’m a personal chef and cooking instructor in the Niagara Region of Ontario, with a wide range interests and ideas… So what’s the next step?

I know I need to do some networking in the community if I want to build anything worth anything around here. The Niagara food scene is tight-knit and chock-full of passionate, uber-talented, hard-working individuals who are all dedicated to making their name in the region, while supporting their neighbor’s business too. Pretty rad. And it’s not just the chefs and foodies. Everyone has their thing. We are all chasing our passion. It’s our creativity, our mission to build this community up on the stilts of small businesses, that brings us together and makes this place special – that charming Niagara thing that gets ya every time.

What if I could conduct short interviews with local business owners? Said businesses would have some relevance to what I am all about (locally crafted, food and drink, health and wellness – you get the idea). I’ll publish interviews on a monthly basis, showcasing local commerce. The idea is that I meet like-minded peeps, chat, share, they share, win/win.

I’ll call it “Local Business Spotlight.”

Cool. I’ve got this fun and simple little project where I get to schmooze with groovy locals and write a tidbit about our conversations. Well as it turns out this project isn’t as little as I had thought. As it turns out, brainstorming, typing, organizing and editing these interviews takes a bit more time than I had anticipated. But I really enjoy it, actually. It captures all of the things that I love: people, food, art, health-mindedness – that deliciously stimulating ‘this-is-the-point-of-life’ type of shit. It’s all here – these people, who they are, what they do, what they aspire to. I’d say that’s a healthy (and much-needed) dose of inspiration!

So here’s to my little/big endeavor; my Passion Project. Please stay tuned as I explore Niagara, and I sure hope you’ll be inspired too!

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