Recipe of the Week: My Go-To Green Juice (Plus: What Should Be in Your Daily Smoothie)

Okay before you get all, “but I don’t have a juicer…” this is a blended juice and not one that requires a juicer. Yay! I do have said appliance, I just tend not to use it as much as my blender – which happens to be my beloved Vitamix but you don’t need anything fancy. I can appreciate the value of juicing but honestly this way is so much faster and you consume everything you blend!

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. I like to make a couple days worth at once so I just fill the blender, blitz, and divide into about 3 large glasses/cups/shaker-bottles-to-go. Sometimes I drink the whole batch in one morning (in replacement of solid food for the first half of my day), if I’m feeling like my gut needs a little break and a nice massage.

You don’t have to get crazy. Cleanse if you want, good on ya! But if you are just introducing The Almighty Green Drink into your life, or if you have goals to make “juicing” a daily habit, this might be a good place to start.

My Go-To Green Juice

2-3 large or medium apples, cores removed and cut into pieces

1 bunch kale, stems too!

1-2 inch piece ginger, peeled (the more you use, the spicier it is, but there are lots of benefits of ginger so load it up if you can handle it!)

Juice of 1 lemon (add another 1/2 for extra tang)

Additional options:

Replace 1/2 bunch kale with 3-4 leaves romaine lettuce or 2 handfuls sweet pea shoots (both romaine and pea shoots have a refreshing flavour and a boost of added protein)

2 tbsp Spirulina (a blue-green algae that is packed with B Vitamins, Iron and Magnesium and is about 60% protein)

Add all of these to your blender and fill about 3/4 with filtered water. Blend until liquefied.

If you find that your juice is too thick, your blender may not be large enough to add the “correct” amount of water. Just add more water to each serving according to what you like, and shake or stir.


Smoothies are another great way to get your fruits n’ veggies. Of course, just like green juice, there are infinite combination possibilities.

A Basic Berry Smoothie is

2 cups non-dairy milk

1 cup berries (I prefer frozen because it’s an automatic “milkshake” without having to add ice)

A handful of something green (spinach and/or cucumber are easily incorporated without changing the flavour)

Easy-peasy. But there are a few extras that will really kick the nutrient profile up a notch! Here are 3 superstars I suggest should be in everyone’s daily smoothie!

1 tbsp hemp seeds or hemp oil: loaded with protein and Omega fats). Click here to purchase my favourite brand.

1 tbsp chia seeds: native to South America, these tiny seeds have vitamins, protein and fiber. They absorb water which increases hydration. Click here to read more.

1 tsp maca powder: the nutrients in this plant are found in the root, and it has been used for centuries (originally by the indigenous Andean societies of Peru) to increase energy and strength, balance the endocrine and reproductive systems in the body and reduce stress. Um, YES PLEASE. For more information from my favourite brand, click here.

Eat, DRINK and be healthy 🙂