Yummy Peach, Carrot, Spinach Popsicles!


Sooooo Simple! Add to a blender:

2 (398 ml) cans organic peaches in water, drained – I CANNOT WAIT to you fresh Niagara peaches when in season (make sure they are at peak ripeness)

500 ml organic carrot juice – try to find straight carrot juice, preferrably with no added fruit or sugar

2 1/2 packed cups fresh organic spinach

Fill popsicle molds and freeze. Makes about 18 popsicles. If you don’t have that many molds you can freeze the juice in a separate container, thaw later and refill molds.

NOTE: you can certainly taste the spinach in this, although the carrot juice and peaches add a delightful sweetness, and that refreshing fruit flavor one might crave in a popsicle. I happen to like the spinach and don’t find it overpowering. If you think you might not like it so “green”, cut back on the spinach 🙂